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Processing Work

  • Decorative Lead with¬†Film/Vinyl Overlay
    Our products are based on an adhesive overlay system that bonds the colour, bevelled glass and lead lines to a single piece of glass or plastic to create stunning leaded-effect looks that offer a number of advantages over the traditional art of leaded glass.

  • Manifestations
    Using an in house plotting machine, we can create manifestation graphics to any specification. We can offer these supply only or supply & fit.
  • Painted/Ceramic Glass
    Using specialist painting booths, we can offer painted glass panels to any RAL colour or BS colour of your choice.
  • Screen Printing
    We offer screen printing of virtually any glass substrate to your design specification, or from a choice of our standard designs. From simple masking off for direct bond glazing situations, to elaborate decoration of office partitions or domestic furniture, we also offer a wide range of colour options providing limitless visual and functional opportunities.
  • Polished & Bevelled Edges
    Available on most of our products depending on thickness, Wadds offer a wide range of different edge finishes from simple architectural requirements such as Flat & Arris, Pencil and Mitred to the more complex OG and Triple C for interiors and furniture.
  • Drill Holes & Cut-Outs
    A wide range of hole sizes and cutouts can be produced dependent on the suitability of the glass substrate.
  • Complex Shapes

    With advanced waterjet cutting, we can produce complex shapes in monolithic and laminated glass  (including standard and safety mirrors) up to 100mm thickness. This equipment also enables accurate repeatability for follow-on orders.

  • Sand Blasting

    We can supply monolithic and laminated glass, including mirrors, with traditional sandblast surface finishes from simple opacity masking stripes to all over decorative coverage, logos or bespoke designs.

  • Heat Strengthened Glass
    Heat Strengthened glass is manufactured to BS EN1863.
    Heat-strengthened glass is designed to give some of the characteristics of toughened glass e.g. a proportion of the increased strength ( approx 1.5 times stronger than annealed) and thermal resistance ( approx. twice as resistant to thermal stress and shock than annealed) while retaining the fracture characteristics of annealed glass.

Wadds Ltd proudly serves all the North East whether it’s small domestic work to large commercial work.

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